I help Gen Zs and millennials develop skills to form lifelong friendships and overcome loneliness so that you can live a life full of fun and social connection 🎉

Zayne Khan

My mission

Hi friend! My main goal as a friendship coach is to help you find your innate confidence and unique gifts when it comes to forming friendships. If you don't read any further than this, here's one thing i want you to embrace. If you're currently feeling lonely, isolated, envious of others with social circles, the solution is to become more of who you are. Not less.

We're socialized and conditioned to believe that we need to overhaul our entire personalities in so that we can fit into our desired social circles. The problem here is that when we do this, we end up being a lite version of ourselves. Sure, we might have the social circle, but it doesn't feel all that great cause we're completely out of alignment with who we actually are.


If you're ready to find that confidence that's already there, so that you can find friends who love you for you, and so that you can have the vibrant social life of your dreams, book your FREE friendship finding call now:

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Find your confidence and unique gifts 🎁

Find your lifelong circle of friends who love and value you for you 

Testimonial Highlight

"i'm very happy about having Zayne as my personal coach. Our regular meetings help me make progress with my self-awareness and self-acceptance continuously. I can rely on him being 100% there for me and being truly interested in whatever I bring up. Talking with him is easy and feels comfortable and safe. His questions don't push me in any direction but instead open up my mind and make me find my own answers. Zayne is always insisting that I pay attention to all the little and bigger wins and the progress I'm making. This is so important to me because I tend(ed) to focus on failure and struggles. After each session, Zayne sends me 'engagement activities', little exercises that are personalized and address the issue we are working on.his helps me to stay engaged between our sessions and committed to do my thought work consistently. I am on my way - and it feels good to know that I can fully rely on the support of my 'tour guide' Zayne."

- Margot

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