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Featured Testimonial from a former client:

1. You know how to be ambitious and a go-getter in your job, but find that applying that same energy to friendships doesn't come as naturally - 

No one teaches us how to be intentional and goal-striving in our friendships. We spend pretty much all of our time in school learning what we're going to do after. The social message is very much: Get good grades to get a good job. But to what end? And why don't we apply the same hustling energy to friendships?

3. You just don't know how to put yourself out there anymore because there's no handbook for how to make friends as a career-focused badass - 

I will never sugarcoat anything, or lie to you. Making friends isn't always easy. It's simple in that there are clear steps you can apply, but it's not easy to put yourself out there, move through feelings of anxiety, awkwardness, and rejection. But as a career-focused achiever, you're no stranger to hard things. You deal with hard things all the time. I just want to show you how to apply that same grit to you friendships.

2. You may want the friendships so bad, but the idea of getting out there and switching up your routine just doesn't feel worth it - 

I get it. Especially for those of us who find genuine fulfillment from our work, it seems counter intuitive to disrupt that. AND, you're on my website and have read this much. That alone tells me that there's some part of you that isn't fully satisfied with where you are right now.

You're rocking it in your 9-5, but what about your 5-9? 

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