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Hi, I'm Zayne!
I'm a Certified Life and Friendship Coach for Introverts who are single and wanting to form a tight circle of friends.

Feeling disconnected, bored and unsupported isn't something you ever have to settle for. Finding the genuine friendships you know you deserve is well within your reach. 

Let me help you.

I remember so vividly being in grade 6 and going through some friend drama with my close friend group at the time. I was so upset by what was going on that I actually spent lunch after lunch hiding and weeping behind a corner in the grade 1-3 play area. At the time I genuinely thought I was never going to have any friends. 

I was half right for a bout a decade. 

Even though I moved through what happened in grade 6 okay, I still found myself surrounded by people who I wanted to call my friends but just couldn't.

We'd go out to the nearby corner store and play video games and even share some laughs, but at the same time they'd

  • Make fun of the way I talked

  • Laugh at how "sensitive" I was

  • call me gay (in a derogatory way) for liking female characters in video games

  • Think it was weird that I didn't always want to socialize

Then I discovered mindset work. 

I'd always been into mindset (through binge watching youtube videos) but I'd never actually applied it to my daily life. 

After joining Get Coached: Scholars a program where you can get coached, + I knew immediately that I had to become a coach as well as a client. 

My friendship life now is unrecognizable. I know my own worth as a friend and I know exactly what I deserve in a friendship. I know that because I'm an amazing, kind, caring, compassionate friend, I deserve the same OR a version of that in my friends. 

More than anything, I was so scared to want. I was scared that to have standards for myself and my friends meant that I was asking for too much. But after learning that wanting big is what helped me grow as a friend and person as well, it was a done deal.

I'm not going to sit here and say my friendship life is perfect. I still get the anxiety sometimes when someone takes longer to text back. I still question the emoji use, the tone, the disappointment at plans fallen through.

The two big differences here now though are the connecting, nourishing and FUN friendships I have now make it all worth it, AND I know how to many any thought-feeling cocktail that comes up when I'm challenged with something in my friendships.

When I figured out the formula, I knew I couldn't keep it a secret.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel lonely, disconnected, and hopeless when it comes to the idea of changing things in my friendships. It means the world to me that I get the chance to help you create your version of success in your friendship life too.

Book in a Free Friend Finding Game Plan Call to see if my Coaching Container is Right for You:

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