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Hi, I'm Zayne!
I'm a Certified Life and Friendship Coach for Gen Zs and Millennials 

Feeling disconnected, bored and unsupported isn't something you ever have to settle for. Finding the genuine friendships you know you deserve is well within your reach. 

Let me help you.

As someone who’s taken the lifelong work of going from lonely and isolated to connected and supported and fused it with the most rigorous life coaching certification in the world, I have the perfect combination of tools to help you.


Using the tools I’ve learned throughout my life and Certification program, I’ll help you develop the skills to move out of comparison, and wishing for the friendship life of your dreams, to actually getting out there and creating it.


I’ve developed a 12 week, 1:1 coaching container to help you with any and all of the challenges you’re going through in your friendships.


The end goal: You leave with the mindset and skills of someone who knows that they can create and have the friendship circle of their dreams.


When you use the tools I’ve developed for you + the personalized methods for your specific challenges, You’ll learn exactly how to create, maintain, up-level, and pivot within any friendship.


In our one-one zoom meetings, I meet you exactly where you are. Whether you have a lot of friends already, and want to take it deeper, or if you haven’t had a true friend in years. All good. I’ve got you.


In our container, I intend on supporting your growth and ultimate goals, but I also won’t go easy on you. I’m going to hold you accountable and challenge the thinking that’s keeping you where you are.


I’ll also be here to celebrate the many friendship wins you’re going to have 🥳


I know exactly what it’s like to feel lonely, disconnected, and hopeless when it comes to the idea of changing things in my friendships. It means the world to me that I get the chance to help you create your version of success in your friendship life too.

Book in a Free Mini Session to see if my Coaching Container is Right for You

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