Meet Zayne

My story: From isolated to abundantly connected

As someone who was both plus size from a very young age, and incredibly sensitive to his own and others emotions, I felt isolated and misunderstood for most of my childhood and adolescence. I felt alone, despite having what most would see as a thriving social life. 

I definitely had friends who I could talk to, hang out with, have surface level fun with, but in terms of connecting on a deeper level with friends who truly understood me, I was completely in the dark. 

This lasted up until my late teens. It got to a point where the more time I spent with these perceived friends who I couldn't connect with on a deep level, the more I started to resent them and myself. 

Something had to change. That's when i discovered mindset work. At first it seemed weird to apply mindset strategies to something like friendship, but after actually trying it, I realized just how transformational it is. 

The central mindset belief that took me from lonely, jealous and resentful, to connected, secure and confident was this: There are people out there who will love you exactly who you are. Those people will help you become more of you, not less,

I can say now that with so much gratitude and confidence that I have beautifully thriving friendships that continue to grow alongside my own personal development.

If you want to learn how you can employ mindset principles to achieve friendship success in this way, OR if you want to achieve your own version of goals surrounding friendhship, let's chat.

Who Do I Work With?

I work primarily with Gen Z and millenials. Reason being: We've grown up in an age of illusionary connections. There's this awful, and pervasive thing with social media where we feel some sense of connection, but we constantly find ourselves longing for something more. Something real. 

I know for me personally, I had a lot of 'should' thoughts growing up and using social media as a connection tool:


-I'm talking to people. sort of. I should feel connected right now?

-I'm literally playing video games with my friends, online. Why do I still feel so lonely?

-I just spent 30 minutes watching people on my phone, yet for some reason I feel even more isolated 

I contend that we're social beings living in a world full of increasing disconnection. Let's get back to where we thrive the most:

​How Are we Going to Create Life-Changing Results?

The key to finding your lifelong people is to work on your mindset around friendship. Here's the general framework for how we'd help you get there:

1. Uncover your current beliefs when it comes to your ability to develop lifelong friends.

2. Find out where your blocks are when it comes to owning who you are + embracing your unique gifts

3. Figure out who you want to be in a friendship

4. Set clear and actionable goals around cultivating your personality + finding your people

5. Implement, course correct, grow infinitely.