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But what is Coaching?


Coaching is a forward, goal-based approach to what you're going through. 


I like to say coaching is like therapy, but therapy will have a focus on past experiences, trauma, may also discuss medication. Coaching is a more tools and forward-thinking mindset based approach. 


In my practice, I don't delve as deep into the past. It's more about, how are your challenges and goals are affecting you now, + how to develop meaningful skills to thrive. 

Topics I coach on  

  • Procrastination

  • Goal setting and following through

  • Academic challenges

  • Organization 

  • Family challenges

  • Making future decisions

Topics I don't coach on

  • Eating disorders

  • Severely disruptive anxiety

  • Suicide/suicidal ideation

  • Non-suicidal self injury

  • Phobias

What Would I do in a Coaching Session?


A typical coaching session will involve some questions to understand what your specifically challenged with and what your goals are if you've set any yet. 

I never want to assume anything just based on experience. I want to know how your/your teens' challenges affect your life.
From there we'd develop a game plan and understand what your overall goal is over our 12 weeks together. 
I've attached a video below to explain a little bit more in detail. 


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Individual Package: 12 week package for $1200 USD.

  • One 45 minute session per week via Zoom, chosen at a recurring, mutually convenient time

  • Optional summaries of key takeaways, teachings, and questions to consider in between sessions.

  • Monday-Friday Voxer/iMessage/whatassapp access where I'm online for 30 minutes each weekday, answering questions, clarifying concepts and celebrating wins, for my clients. 

Note: I do offer a payment plan where you can split your package into monthly payments of $400

For any questions please book your FREE discovery call below. Let's get you the help and support we both know you deserve.

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