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Let's stop the shame, blame, and judgment towards yourself and start finding out why you're the perfect friend for your people 🫶🏻


If you find yourself stuck in:

Opening up social media apps and seeing everyone having so much fun together. Thinking these apps are supposed to be fun yet there's a strong sense of emptiness after being on them.

Past-Focused Thinking
Thinking that because you've had bad experiences with friends in the past, future experiences making friends will be the exact same thing.

Having persistent thoughts that no one would even want to be your friend because you're too: introverted, quiet, to yourself. Any story where you think that you're not worth the friends you know in your heart you want.

Any thoughts of messing up a friendship once you're able to create it. You might feel that even if you manage to make the friendship or have the friendship circle, it won't matter cause you won't be able to make it last.

You are not alone. These are stories your brain has come up with. They are not facts. My coaching container will help you overcome all these stories, AND give you the actionable tools you need to put your new stories to good use. 

How does Coaching work?

We'll meet once a week on 
Zoom. In each those meetings, I'll be teaching a foundational concept or skill that's going to help you in your goal, and you'll also be able to get coaching on anything you're going through in your friendships as well. I meet you where you are. The foundational skills are there for you, and if you're already strong in some of those skills, we'd shift to where your areas of growth are. The container is structured, but always with you and your needs as a top priority.

Absolutely not. You will never, ever hear me say that you "need" a coach in order to make the friendships of your dreams. That capability, has been, is and always will be inside of you.
And, working with a Certified Friendship Coach can help you get there much faster, and in a way that feels aligned and sustainable for you. My ultimate goal with all my clients is to empower them with the tools so that they can not only achieve the goal they came to me for, but also so that they can overcome any adversity within their friendship life moving forward.


But do you really need a coach to help you make friends? 

"But what if I don't have the time?

On top of the emotional energy and time you're spending hoping something will change in your friendship life, you're also devaluing whatever income you're currently creating for yourself by not investing in yourself. If you're here, you know that friendships are important. That feeling of joy, connection, love and support is what makes the money you earn valuable. Being able to go out with friends to a movie, or buy a fun board game to play with them, or to go to an amusement park, is what makes earning money worth it. Whatever it is, know what you're working for. And consider that your career will be so much more rich and fulfilling when you know that you get to have a fun, connected life outside of it. 


You might also be thinking "But what if I don't have the money to invest?"

I want you to think about the amount of time you spend comparing yourself to other friend circles on social media. The time you spend hoping and wishing that you could have the friendship life you've always dreamed of. The time and emotional energy you spend beating yourself up wondering why you can't have what comes so easily to everyone else. Think about where your time is being used up now, and why an investment into a structured, focused coaching container might be the perfect use of your time.

Also if friendship coaching doesn't sound like the best time on its own, we get to help you grow while also have the MOST fun 😍

Don't wait any longer than you already have AND don't make your future friends wait either! Book your FREE Friend Finding Game Plan Call now!


"Zayne coached me many many times on a variety of subjects from relationships, friendships to work. I always felt that I can completely open up and get coached on the most vulnerable subjects. I just felt from the first session he creates an aura of love and non judgement. You can literally feel it in your heart! And that's where the magic happened... because in this space you can be real, and transform from a place of love. I often wanted to hide in my negative story, but that's not possible with Zayne. He asks THE best questions, at THE perfect time, I often laughed realizing how fast he helped me to snap out of those stories, with my newfound awareness. I felt seen and understood. I'd highly recommend Zayne!" - Joanna Zajusz 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 


"I can rely on him being 100% there for me and being truly interested in whatever I bring up. Talking with him is easy and feels comfortable and safe. His questions don't push me in any direction but instead open up my mind and make me find my own answers." -

 Margot Krekeler 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

"I was at my lowest point and in search for answers on bettering my life. I came across Zayne advertisement for coaching and didn’t waste time to reach out to him for help. He is extremely patient, kind and understanding. We worked together for 6 short weeks but I would’ve never imagined the process I’ve made from his help." -Gabby Cloud 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 

"WOW! My experience working with Zayne was transformative beyond expectation. When we revisited my initial goal at our final session, I couldn’t believe how much I’d learned, grown, and achieved in just 5 short weeks. Zayne’s skill, integrity, and clear sense of purpose as a coach make the journey of growing with Zayne effective and efficient and his warmth, kindness, and radiance as a person make it fun and deeply fulfilling." - Pema Rojas 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟



"Zayne went above and beyond the call by sharing a useful framework on how my thoughts can hinder my growth, as well as practical strategies to help identify and prevent "buffering." Throughout the process, he was incredibly supportive and encouraging."  - Chris T 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

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